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Online Spanish Skype Tutor – Silvia

Native Teacher with 11 years of experience.

– Spanish lessons for all levels.
– Conversation covering in-depth the topics of your interests.
– Customized lessons: focusing on grammar, comprehension, speaking and writing according to your needs.
– Preparation for travelling to Spanish-speaking countries.
– Preparations for exams (DELE).
– Workbooks and exercises provided in PDF/Word format.

The lessons are based on a communicative approach: A dynamic method that aims to make you talk as much as possible.
We make a lot of conversation in class in order to make you feel comfortable with the language very quickly.

Online learning advantages:

– Flexibility in timetables for lessons.
– Saving time in transfers: the time you spend on the lesson exactly matches the schedule.
– Ability to connect from anywhere, thus enabling you to continue with your lessons even when you’re travelling.
– The use of technology / interactive tools enriches the experience of learning a language.

€25.00 per hour

Spanish is now the second language in the world for a large number of speakers, the official in 21 countries, in addition to being a beautiful language. Start now!

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.

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