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Lot retro platen: Crystal Waters, MarcoV, Armand Van Helden, Da Hool, Strictly Rhythm, Bonzai, Kate Ryan, Mylo, Moby, CMos, Defected, …

Late jaren 90 tem 2006 ongeveer. Voornamelijk trance, dance en house.
J Hieronder een lijstje van wat er oa allemaal tussenzit.
Youtube deze nummers, allemaal super platen!

Robin S – Show Me Love
Peter Presta – Get Down ( In My House ) ( Your House Is My House )
Paris Red – Gotta Have It ( From NY Straigth To Paris
Tiger Records!
R.I.O. – R.I.O.
Frank Sonique vs Andrew Gabal – Futureshock
Pumpin Pat – Homecoming
Solitaire – You Got The Love
Angelic – Can’t Keep Me Silent
Night Flight!
D-Lambo – Crazy
Caballero Records!
Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman
Pianoheadz ( Erick Morillo & Jose Nunez ) vs Vincent De Moor – Distortion
Primo Lux – Turnpoint / Chains
Romy Costa – E Verao / Danca Comigo
Goldfrapp & Benny Benassi – Ooh La La
Promo Viny!
Soul Heaven Records!
Liquid People – Son Of A Dragon
J5 Eaters – Frenzy
Anthony Class & Paco Buggin – Bribe Me!
Itty Bitty, BoozyWoozy & Greatski – No Silence / Blue Orgasm
CR2 Recrds!
Damian Wilson ft Ann Bailey – ( Can You ) Take Me Away
Crystal Waters & Direct Drive – Gypsy Woman
Lilly Allen – Not Fair
Single Sided Promo Records!
Tremolo Records!
8th Wonder ft DJ Marco V & Benjamin – Deeper
8th Wonder ft DJ Marco V & Benjamin – You’ve Got Me Down
Studio 45 pres. Joe & Jessy vs Olav Basoski – Pure Hooney
Armand Van Helden vs Johnny Corporate – You Don’t Know Me vs Sunday Shoutin’
Kosmo Records!
Tom Novy – My House
Motivo Records!
Paper Nation – Run
bvba Dance Solution!
Shaved – My Mouse
Kontor Records!
Vinylshakerz – Daddy Cool
Asylum vs Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade
Mylo vs Lisa Stansfield – Lil Drop
Mylo vs Janet Jackson – Control The Drop
Bobby Brown – 2 Can Play That Game
Dance Pollution!
Go-KKO! – Don’t Pacific
Kate Ryan – Désenchantée
Strictly Rhythm!
Ultra Naté – New Kind Of Medicine
Royal Flush Records!
Mr. Da Nos – Don’t Stop
Banshee Worx!
Orga vs Red 1 – Forever
Orga vs Red 1 – Oscilate
Moby – Extreme Ways
Essential Mashups vs Roger Sanchez – Turn On The Werewolf /
Essential Mashups vs Praise Cats - Shined On My Body
Coloured Vinyl!
Blank & Jones – Mind Of The Wonderful
Liquid Recordings!
Astral Music!
D.O.N.S. ft Kadoc – The Nighttrain
Black Hole Recordings!
DJ Ton T.B. – Static Bullet
Dave Kurtis vs SNAP! – Rhythm Is A Dancer
Dave Kurtis – Ferryman / Easylover
Patrick Alavi – Tribute
This One ft aB & C-Mos – The One
Andrea Bertolini – Nasty Bass
Lee-Cabrera vs George Morel – Special 2003
DJ Sneak vs Groove Armada – You Can’t Hide From Your Bud vs I See You Baby
Everything But The Girl vs Silicon Soul – Wrong
16 Bit Lolita’s – Helen Savage
16 Bit Lolita’s – The Rap
Chic Flowerz pres Patrice Strike – Girl
Sunny – My Trust
Chic Flowerz vs Joe Charles & Kash – Satisfaction
Paris – Haute Couture
Spinnin’ Records!
Dennis Christopher vs Tony Cha Cha – What’s Going Down
Dennis Christopher vs Tony Cha Cha – Slut!
Assasin vs Adamski & Seal – Killer
Alex Gaudino & Jerma pres Lil’ Love – Little Love
Corenell vs The Lisa Marie Experience – Keep On Jumpin’
DJ Vini & Queen – We Will Rock You
DJ Antoine – This Time / I Do Believe
Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
The Cooky Factory Vol 10!
Tim Deluxe – It Just Won’t Do
Paolo Mojo – Rukus
Nalin Inc. – Planet Violet
Kings of NY vs John Dahlbäck – This Is House
Paul Johnson ft Chynna – Doo Wap
Mental Movement Recordings!
Mental Bruce & 2Pac – The Way It Isn’t
BeatFreakz – Superfreak
Data Records!
Ministry Of sound!
Diana Ross vs Disco Deejay’s – Upside Down
Conga Squad – Gotta Have Ya
Martin Solveig vs Michael Jackson – Billies Rocking Music
Brancaccio & Aisher – It’s Gonna Be ( A Lovely Day )
Oliver Moldan – Black Souls
Twisted Records!
House Heroes – Magic Orgasm
Filterfunk vs Hi_Tack & Delano vs Crocket – SOS ( Message In A Bottle )
DJ Atmospherik meets Saucermen – Selected EP: Aquarius / The Anthem / Inhale
T&S vs Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
Bobby Blanco & Mikki Moto – 3 AM
Fedde Le Grand vs Danzel vs Khia – Put Your Hands Up vs My Neck, My Back
Mad’House – Holiday

Lot J Volle curverbox platen. Een 100tal.
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