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  • Chevrolet Corvette convertible C3

    Chevrolet Corvette convertible C3

    JUST ARRIVED . NL- Helemaal in het zuiden van California aan de Mexicaanse grens heb ik deze zeer mooie eerste editie Corvette C3 bouwjaar 1968 gevonden.  De Corvette 1968 is het model met de chrome bumpers.  Een dikke V8 motor 350 ci met 4 speed manuele versnellingsbak.Een vette sound en perfect rijgedrag.    *** FR-Dans le sud de la Californie à la frontière mexicaine, j'ai trouvé cette très belle première édition Corvette C3 année 1968. La Corvette 1968 est le modèle avec les pare-chocs chromés. Un gros moteur V8 de 350 avec boîte de vitesses manuelle à 4 rapports, un gros son et une maniabilité parfaite. *** ENG-In the south of California at the Mexican border I found this very nice first edition Corvette C3 year 1968. The Corvette 1968 is the model with the chrome bumpers. A big V8 engine 350 ci with 4 speed manual gearbox. A fat sound and perfect handling.   *** D-Im Süden von Kalifornien an der mexikanischen Grenze fand ich diese sehr schöne Corvette C3 Baujahr 1968. Die Corvette 1968 ist das Modell mit den Chromstoßstangen. Ein großer V8-Motor 350 ci mit 4-Gang-Schaltgetriebe, ein fetter Sound und perfektes Handling. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1968-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 27.541 km **Vermogen**: 299 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Zwart

    1968 27.541 km
    € 39.500,00California ImportEergisterenOevel
  • Chevrolet corvette c3 big block

    Chevrolet corvette c3 big block

    ***TAKE AWAY PRICES*** : ***MEENEEMPRIJS = 27500 € ***   ***NORMALE PRIJS = 29500 € *** ***(Dus 2000€ korting bij aankoop deze maand Mei 2019). *** It's been a long time that found a big block Chevy Corvette , and finally on this trip i came across one. This Corvette is build in February 1971 , it is equiped with a big block engine , automatic transmission, powersteering , power disc brakes and the removable T-Top .Also has this Corvette the very rare removable rear window option.   The '71 Corvette is the one with the chrome front and rear bumper .  These are also the real big horsepower ones .  This Corvette needs some love ,it was out of a collection and not been driven for a while . nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1971-02 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 68.393 km **Vermogen**: 364 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 7.440 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1971 68.393 km
    € 27.500,00California ImportEergisterenOevel
  • Chevrolet pick up step side pick up stepside

    Chevrolet pick up step side pick up stepside

    It is getting hard to find classic Chevy trucks , but i am lucky that i found one for you guy's .  This is a 1953 Chevy stepside model 3100 . With the 6cyl. engine and the manual transmission.  The body is very solid , the ideal truck for restauration , or drive as is. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1953-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 12.841 km **Vermogen**: 108 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.860 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Wit

    1953 12.841 km
    € 18.500,00California ImportEergisterenOevel
  • Chevrolet corvair 95 greenbrier

    Chevrolet corvair 95 greenbrier

    NU MEENEEMPRIJS SLECHTS 14999€ *NL:Vergeet de superdure 21 of 23 venster VW busjes , Kijk wat we hier gevonden hebben . Een Chevrolet Corvair 95 VAN . Met 8 opengaande deuren . Gebouwd in 1964 . De vorige eigenaar had dit busje sinds 1989. Dit is een echte "survivor". In volledig origineel en rijdende staat.*NU MET EEN NIEUWE VOORRUIT EN NIEUWE RUBBER *****ENG: Look what i have found here!!!! forget about the overpriced VW buses 21 or 23 windows . Here you have a " 8 door " Chevrolet "Corvair 95" "mini- VAN" . Build in 1964 . Previous owner had it for over 28 years . This is a real survivor ,in original driving condition .****** ****** ** **** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Monovolume **Bouwjaar**: 1964-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 11.835 km **Vermogen**: 96 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 2.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Groen

    1964 11.835 km
    € 14.999,00California Import13 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford F-1 pick up stepside F1

    Ford F-1 pick up stepside F1

    JUST ARRIVED.   If you want a patina patina patina truck , well this is what i have found for you. A 1947 F-1 Ford Pick up truck stepside with the 226 ci 3700cc 90 hp flathead 6 cyl engine. These flathead engines runs so smooth , you don't even hear them running . This is a 1947 Ford 1/2 Ton short bed pick up that was recently brought back to life out of a barnfind in Phoenix Az.  The previous owner had rebuild the engine,transmission,rear end and brakes all back to original and don't even have 1000 miles on them but was done about 4 years ago.  It is the original flat head 6 with a 3 spd manual on the floor.  The engine fires right up and is one of the smoothest running flat 6 engines i've ever heard.  The transmission shifts very smooth and the clutch is new as well.  This is one of the straightest and cleanest bodies i have ever seen.There is no rust from the top to the bottom. The previous owner had also replaced the fuel tank, the fuel pump, all the fuel lines, the carburator . The interior is also new, the seat,headliner,carpet,dashboard ,etc...  and to top it of , new firestone white walls on the original steel wheels whit the chrome rings. . Be fast ,he will be sold quick. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1947-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 46.965 km **Vermogen**: 89 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1947 46.965 km
    € 27.500,00California Import13 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet GMC ice cream truck box Van

    Chevrolet GMC ice cream truck box Van

    *****TAKE AWAY PRICES*** : ***MEENEEMPRIJS = 19500€ ***   ***NORMALE PRIJS = 22500€ *** ***(Dus 3000€ korting bij aankoop deze maand Mei 2019). ***** ***JUST ARRIVED FROM SUNNY CALIFORNIA *** LOOOOOK @ this one ,   a ice cream box truck .  With the sliding doors left and right .  Where are the food truck guys , here's one for you . ** ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Monovolume **Bouwjaar**: 1971-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 47.954 km **Vermogen**: 122 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.850 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1971 47.954 km
    € 19.500,00California Import12 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet international travelall

    Chevrolet international travelall

    *****TAKE AWAY PRICES*** : ***MEENEEMPRIJS = 12500€ ***   ***NORMALE PRIJS = 14999€ *** ***(Dus 2499€ korting bij aankoop deze maand Mei 2019). ***** **FOR SALE INTERNATIONAL TE KOOP : Straight outta Sunny California : If you want a special oldtimer with a lot of space, well here she is , 'the International Travelall from 1971 '. This is a very good original classic , in his original 'patina' . Drives perfect with his big block 392 ci V8 engine. Automatic transmission , powersteering and powerbrakes. 25 x pick up's in stock by in Westerlo Belgium**Biggest collection of Ford Mustang in Europe ** ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1971-08 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 66.077 km **Vermogen**: 326 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 6.500 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1971 66.077 km
    € 12.500,00California Import12 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford mustang cabrio

    Ford mustang cabrio

    **Ready for the  Sun . I found this nice original Mustang convertible from 22 july 1964 in sunny Los Angeles . This is a first one, model 1964 1/2   . Good original ,and with the 6 cylinder engine and a manual  transmission. This is one drives like a dream . OLDY AND GOODY . ..**  ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1964-07 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 23.765 km **Vermogen**: 136 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.300 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1964 23.765 km
    € 27.500,00California Import12 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet corvette cabrio

    Chevrolet corvette cabrio

    Chevrolet Corvette Cabrio 1975 .  V8 350 ci 5700 cc 4 speed.  New Paint**   New soft top ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1975-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 11.863 km **Vermogen**: 167 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1975 11.863 km
    € 29.500,00California Import12 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet corvette cabrio

    Chevrolet corvette cabrio

    NU MEENEEMPRIJS SLECHTS 12500€" JUST CAME IN : Chevrolet Corvette C3 Cabrio 1987 V8 5700 cc Automatic ,full option. needs some seat work . ** ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1987-04 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 77.368 km **Vermogen**: 248 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Wit

    1987 77.368 km
    € 12.500,00California Import12 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford F3 milk truck food truck Foodtruck /Milk truck

    Ford F3 milk truck food truck Foodtruck /Milk truck

    *****TAKE AWAY PRICES*** : ***MEENEEMPRIJS = 19500€ ***   ***NORMALE PRIJS = 21500€ *** ***(Dus 2000€ korting bij aankoop deze maand Mei 2019). ***** Voor de jongens en meisjes onder jullie met ondernemingszin . Hier heb ik voor jullie een food truck die door het leven ging als een melk truck . Hij is volledig origineel , met de 6 cyl flathead motor en de manuele versnellingsbak. Hij heeft ook de typische  schuifdeuren .  ******** For the boys and girls among you with entrepreneurial spirit. Here I have a food truck for you that went through life as a milk truck. It is completely original, with the 6 cyl flathead engine and the manual gearbox. He also has the typical sliding doors. ** ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Monovolume **Bouwjaar**: 1950-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 84.536 km **Vermogen**: 96 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Wit

    1950 84.536 km
    € 19.500,00California Import12 jun. '19Oevel
  • mg mga cabrio

    mg mga cabrio

    *****TAKE AWAY PRICES*** : ***MEENEEMPRIJS = 29500€ ***   ***NORMALE PRIJS = 31500€ *** ***(Dus 2000€ korting bij aankoop deze maand Mei 2019). *****We hebben een zeer mooie MGA cabriolet uit 1959 binnengekregen .  Hij is zeer goed onderhouden . Binnen en buiten , is hij in perfecte staat.  De soft top is nog als nieuw ,  en is van de hoogste kwaliteit, het is de "mohair" uitvoering. Ook zijn er de 2 zijschermen.  De motor is de 1500 cc met de optionele 5 vittesse versnellingsbak.  De spaakvelgen , zijn nog recent aangekocht zoals ook de Vredestein classic banden.  Deze MGA ,is klaar voor mooie landelijke ritten . U hoeft enkel nog een ontbuitkoffertje te plaatsen op het bagagerek op de koffer.  *** ENG** We have received a very beautiful MGA convertible from 1959. He is very well maintained. Inside and out, he is in perfect condition. The soft top is still as new, and is of the highest quality, it is the "mohair" version. There are also the 2 side screens. The engine is the 1500 cc with the optional 5 speed gearbox. The NEW spoke wheels have recently been purchased, as are the NEW Vredestein classic tires. This MGA, is ready for beautiful rural rides. All you have to do is place a suitcase  on the luggage rack on the bonnet. *** FR ***Nous avons reçu une très belle décapotable MGA de 1959. Il est très bien entretenu. À l'intérieur et à l'extérieur, il est en parfait état. La capote est toujours comme neuve et est de la plus haute qualité, c'est la version "mohair". Il y a aussi les 2 écrans latéraux. Le moteur est le 1500 cc avec la boîte de vitesses optionnelle 5 vittesse. Les Neuf roues à rayons ont récemment été achetées, de même que les pneus classiques Vredestein. Cette MGA est prête pour de belles randonnées en milieu rural. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de placer un valise sur le porte-bagages de la coffre. ***D**Wir haben ein sehr schönes MGA Cabrio von 1959 erhalten. Er ist sehr gut gepflegt. Innen und außen ist er in perfektem Zustand. Das Verdeck ist immer noch neuwertig und von höchster Qualität, es ist die "Mohair" -Version. Es gibt auch die 2 Seitenwände. Der Motor ist der 1500 ccm mit dem optionalen 5 Vittesse-Getriebe. Die Speichenräder wurden kürzlich gekauft, ebenso wie die klassischen Vredestein-Reifen. Diese MGA ist bereit für schöne Landfahrten. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist eine koffer auf dem Gepäckträger auf dem Gepäckträger zu platzieren. ***IT**Abbiamo ricevuto una bellissima deccapottabile MGA dal 1959. È molto ben mantenuto. Dentro e fuori, è in perfette condizioni. La capote è ancora come nuova, ed è di altissima qualità, è la versione "mohair". Ci sono anche i 2 schermi laterali. Il motore è il 1500 cc con il cambio opzionale 5 vittesse. Le ruote a raggi sono state recentemente acquistate, così come le gomme Vredestein classic. Questa MGA è pronta per bellissime gite in campagna. Tutto quello che devi fare è mettere un bonnet sul portabagagli sulla valigia. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1959-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 28.073 km **Vermogen**: 73 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 1.500 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1959 28.073 km
    € 29.500,00California Import10 jun. '19Oevel
  • Renault caravelle Caravelle

    Renault caravelle Caravelle

     " BARN FIND     BARN FIND " NUMBER 2. **TAKE AWAY PRICES*** : ***MEENEEMPRIJS = 6900€ *** Yes Sir ,  this is a real barn find ,   I found this Renault Caravelle '63 Cabriolet in a Barn ,  stucked away more the 30 years ago .  The owner parked it in the eightys.  Do you know what that means ??? Lets go back in time .    *Rick Ashley released the monster hit "Never gonna give you up "   *Ayrton Senna was for the first time world champion. And we went to the movie theater to watch "Die Hard  " the original one .  So since then this Car is Parked in his barn.  Now i got the owner sofar that he wanted to sell his Caravelle Cabrio.  The car is in extremely original condition.   Sure it needs some restoration, but that i could not determine, because i didn't want to take away all the layers of dust and spider webs .  It was so facinating . It comes with a hard top and soft top.  This Renault '63 is for sale for 6900 €  I also have a second one from 1961 and a ton of extra parts . These can be sold as a package deal . nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1963-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 30.392 km **Vermogen**: 34 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 845 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1963 30.392 km
    € 6.900,00California Import9 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet corvette c3

    Chevrolet corvette c3

    JJUST ARRIVED IN OUR SHOWROOM :  This nice Silver Anniversary Corvette from 1978 .  The "25th Anniversary model.  Nice condition in and out.  This one has the fastest V8 350 ci  engine , "4" engine code. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1978-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 68.393 km **Vermogen**: 220 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Zilver

    1978 68.393 km
    € 23.500,00California Import9 jun. '19Oevel
  • -andere- Austin-Healey Sprite Sebring Austin-Healey ...

    -andere- Austin-Healey Sprite Sebring Austin-Healey ...

    We have this nice Austin Healey sprite Sebring look for sale .  From a private collection , you buy directly from the private owner.  In and out in very good condition.  Runs and drives good .  Small economical engine with a 4 speed transmission. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1964-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 81.758 km **Vermogen**: 59 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 1.100 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1964 81.758 km
    € 19.500,00California Import8 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford mustang coupe

    Ford mustang coupe

    You all heared on Television abouth the big fires in California  . Well we found this survivor of these fires.  This Mustang was standing in a field , the grass around the car got on fire , but nothing major happened , the fire was rapidly gone , so this Mustang survived the fire without major damage.   This is a good base for restauration.  The engine runs ,  i drove the car on the trailer.  So if you want a restauration project , this is it.  Some extra data from the car: Year: 6 1966 Plant: R San Jose, CA Body Series:072 Door Hardtop Engine: C289 2v V8 Miscellaneous Vehicle DataBody: 65A 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior Color: 8 Springtime Yellow Trim: D6 Parchment Crinkle and Rosette Vinyl with Black, Standard Interior Date: 22G July 22, 1966 D.S.O: 72 San Jose Axle: 6 2.80:1, Conventional Trans: 6 C4 Automatic nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Coupé **Bouwjaar**: 1966-07 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 56.324 km **Vermogen**: 199 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 4.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Geel

    1966 56.324 km
    € 9.999,00California Import8 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford F1 F-1 Stepside

    Ford F1 F-1 Stepside

    JUST ARRIVED : A nice pick up truck, a Ford F-1 from 1949 with the flathead V8 engine 239 ci 3900 cc 100 hp .  The engine runs smooth , interior is nice , paint is older. NEW Firestone White wall tires. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1949-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 52.889 km **Vermogen**: 102 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.900 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Groen

    1949 52.889 km
    € 19.500,00California Import7 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford mustang (50 stangs x im lager)

    Ford mustang (50 stangs x im lager)

    ************************************ *NL: Juist aangekomen in onze showroom:  Een mooie originele Ford Mustang coupe model 1965.  Hij heeft de donkerblauwe "Arcadian bleu metallic"kleur , met een matching blauw interieur, nieuw tapijt, vloerconsole. Hij is gebouwd in de San Jose Fabrieken in california op 18 Maart 1965 en daarna verkocht geweest in eenFord Garage in Los Angeles.  De motor is de 289 ci 4700 cc V8 motor een automatische versnellingsbak C4 met de 3.00 :1 achteras.  Onderaan zeer mooie originele vloeren. Kortom , een mooie oogende en rijdende Mustang.   ************************************ ENG: Recently arrived in our showroom: A beautiful original Ford Mustang coupe model 1965. He has the dark blue "Arcadian blue metallic" color, with a matching blue interior. It was built at the San Jose Factories in California on March 18, 1965 and then sold in a Ford Garage in Los Angeles. The engine is the 289 ci 4700 cc V8 engine an automatic gearbox C4 with the 3.00: 1 rear axle. At the bottom very nice original floors. In short, a beautiful looking and driving Mustang. ************************************ F: Récemment arrivé dans notre showroom: Une belle Ford Mustang coupé modèle 1965. Il a la couleur bleu foncé "bleu métallique d'Arcadian", avec un intérieur bleu assorti. Il a été construit aux usines de San Jose en Californie le 18 mars 1965, puis vendu dans un garage Ford à Los Angeles. Le moteur est le V8 de 289 500 cc, une cylindrée de 4700 cm3, une boîte de vitesses automatique C4 avec essieu arrière 3.00: 1. Au fond, très beaux sols d'origine. En bref, une belle Mustang au look et à la conduite. *********************************** D: Kürzlich in unserem Showroom angekommen: Ein schönes originales Ford Mustang Coupé Modell 1965. Er hat die dunkelblaue Farbe "Arcadian blue metallic" mit passendem blauem Interieur. Es wurde am 18. März 1965 in den San Jose Factories in Kalifornien gebaut und dann in einer Ford-Garage in Los Angeles verkauft. Der Motor ist der 289 ci 4700 cm³ große V8-Motor, ein Automatikgetriebe C4 mit der Hinterachse von 3,00: 1. Im unteren Bereich sehr schöne Originalböden. Kurz gesagt, ein wunderschön aussehender und treibender Mustang. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Coupé **Bouwjaar**: 1965-03 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 30.722 km **Vermogen**: 199 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 4.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1965 30.722 km
    € 22.500,00California Import7 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet bel air stationwagon

    Chevrolet bel air stationwagon

    *****TAKE AWAY PRICES*** :** *****MEENEEMPRIJS = 17500 € ***  ** *****NORMALE PRIJS = 18999 € ***** *****(Dus 1499€ korting bij aankoop deze maand Mei 2019). ***** **NL: Een Chevrolet Bel Air Stationwagon uit 1957 , het model met de grote vinnen en veel chrome. Hij heeft een V8 motor met een Automatische versnellingsbak,Schijfremmen en servostuur. *** ENG:This is a special one, a Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon from 1957 , the model with the high finns and a lot of chrome. He has got the V8 engine, automatic transmission, runs great ,shifts great. The brakes or power disc brakes and he even has got powersteering . **  ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Break **Bouwjaar**: 1957-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 59.000 km **Vermogen**: 299 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1957 59.000 km
    € 17.500,00California Import7 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet corvette c3 targa

    Chevrolet corvette c3 targa

    Chevrolet Corvette C3 Build : 4/1974 Engine : L82  350 ci 5700 cc 220hp Automatic Powersteering New Brakes nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1979-04 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 62.542 km **Vermogen**: 223 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Wit

    1979 62.542 km
    € 17.500,00California Import7 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford pick up stepside

    Ford pick up stepside

    We just bought this special Ford Pick up truck from 1946. Original condition . Runs and drives great.  V8 flathead 3917 cc engine with 100 hp.  3 speed transmission.  Restored interior.  The 1946 Ford pickup was a 1/2-ton truck that came with either a 226-cubic-inch in-line six cylinder or a 239-cubic-inch V8. The six-cylinder engine produced 90 horsepower at 3,300 rpm and 180 foot pounds of torque at 1,200 rpm. The eight-cylinder engine produced 100 hp at 3,800 rpm and 180 foot pounds of torque at 2,000 rpm. It was only available with a three-speed manual transmission on the floorboard. Ford Motor Company halted civilian auto production by Feb. 10, 1942,  The 1946 Ford truck was the first Ford truck model on the assembly line following the end of the war in 1945. Parts from the 1942 model were used, which explains the similarities in the two trucks nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1946-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 58.115 km **Vermogen**: 99 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.917 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1946 58.115 km
    € 27.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet corvette targa C3

    Chevrolet corvette targa C3

    We found another survivor , this nice original little red Corvette was in possesion of the owner for more then 30 years . He drove it daily to work. This Corvette has a very old paint job and needs to be repainted , or if you like it like that , drive as is. These Chrome bumper Corvettes or getting very rare . This is your chance to pick one up. *** OPENDOORWEEKEND 27&28 April*** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1971-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 52.314 km **Vermogen**: 329 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1971 52.314 km
    € 24.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet Pick up Apache pick up apache

    Chevrolet Pick up Apache pick up apache

    Chevrolet pick up 1958 .  Fleetside 6 cyl 235 ci  3860 cc 145 hp  Manual transmission.  Mechanicly completely restored Drives Perfect.  New seat. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1958-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 98.796 km **Vermogen**: 144 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 3.860 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Grijs

    1958 98.796 km
    € 18.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet camaro camaro

    Chevrolet camaro camaro

    For me the crown of the trip is this '73 Second-generation Chevrolet Camaro.  The second-generation Camaros are officially on collectors' must-have lists.  This Camaro is finished in Blue metalic with new Black interior with Gray stripes, there's still no denying that this car looks like a predator as it cruises through traffic. We've sold more than a few second-gen Camaros recently, which confirms their growing popularity, and this one is nicer than most and really stands out. It is powered by a 350 V8 which makes 350 hp teamed up with a factory M 21 4 speed.   If you're a fan of these cars, you already know what a great place the interior is with comfortable supportive high-back buckets draped in supple black vinyl.  This is stunning example of a split bumper 1973 Camaro, the interior is new from the seat covers to the door panels to the dash pad, all of which are in great condition. This highly collectible iconic muscle car runs and drives great, super fast, dependable, collectible and ready for daily driving or car shows. The 4-speed shifts great fast and percise and the 3.73 rear end makes it lighting fast off the line. Underneath there's a new exhaust system that sounds great, NO signs of rust or rust repair. We suggest if you are interested , react fast , this one is not gone last long. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Coupé **Bouwjaar**: 1973-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 575 km **Vermogen**: 349 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Blauw

    1973 575 km
    € 36.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Corvette Stingray coupe

    Corvette Stingray coupe

    Just found this beautifull real  " STINGRAY " Corvette C2 from 1965 .  He has got a fast V8 engine , 4 speed manual transmission , 4 disc brakes .  Nice black leather interior.  Drives perfect.  This was a fight to get this Corvette . The owner put it for sale after a very long time of ownership . But when he felt that i liked the car and wanted to buy it ...he didn't want to sell the car anymore .....   After a long discusion and when i promissed to find a good new owner ,he let the car go.  So boys and girls , now i have to find a goooood new owner.  Are you qualified   ,are you a good owner ... ...Can this be you ?   nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Coupé **Bouwjaar**: 1965-01 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 68.167 km **Vermogen**: 299 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.360 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Rood

    1965 68.167 km
    € 59.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford thunderbird

    Ford thunderbird

    We bought this nice restored Ford Thunderbird coupe from 1964 for you.  He is equiped with the original 390 ci big block engine with the 4 bbl carburator, automatic cruisomatic, powersteering, power brakes.  The paint is like new.  The dashboard is equiped with the fold away steering wheel.  When you get into the car it will fold to the right. That is easy to get into the car.  The interior is like new.  If you are looking for a nice thunderbird, this is the one. nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Coupé **Bouwjaar**: 1964-06 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 84.199 km **Vermogen**: 299 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 6.300 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Groen

    1964 84.199 km
    € 19.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Chevrolet corvette c4 cabrio

    Chevrolet corvette c4 cabrio

    JUST ARRIVED : Chevrolet Corvette C3 1986 5700 cc 350 ci  automatic, powersteering power disc brakes  el. windows, el. mirrors ,el. seats  like new interior .  Very nice original Corvette. ready to enjoy the sun** .  ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1986-09 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 86.530 km **Vermogen**: 299 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 5.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Zilver

    1986 86.530 km
    € 22.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford coupe 1964 1/2

    Ford coupe 1964 1/2

    NU MEENEEMPRIJS SLECHTS 22500€ JUST ARRIVED * Another nice early Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 . I got this one in the L.A. area . This is a very good solid California Mustang . The door tag tells us , that this is a : - Year: 5   1965 (1964 1/2) - Plant: R San Jose, CA - Body Series: 07    2 Door Hardtop - Engine: D 289 4v V8 - Miscellaneous Vehicle Data Body: 65A 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior - Color: K Silver Smoke Grey Metallic - Trim: 85 Red Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior - Date: 12F June 12, 1964 - D.S.O: 72 San Jose Axle: 1 3.00:1, - Conventional Trans: 5   4-Speed Manual so you see , still all original **   ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Coupé **Bouwjaar**: 1964-06 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 50.363 km **Vermogen**: 210 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 4.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Zilver

    1964 50.363 km
    € 22.500,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford mustang cabrio

    Ford mustang cabrio

    We found this nice ford Mustang convertible from 1967 in the Wine fields of California.  This is a perfect mustang , ready to cruise in the summer sun .  She has all the options and looks you need.   She want stay long..... 4700 cc V8 289 ci  Automatic transmission Powersteering Power brakes  Disk brakes Power soft top Floorconsole  Steele Style GT Wheels Red Wall tires nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Cabriolet **Bouwjaar**: 1967-05 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Automatisch **Kilometerstand**: 4.710 km **Vermogen**: 224 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 4.700 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Groen

    1967 4.710 km
    € 45.000,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel
  • Ford econoline pick up

    Ford econoline pick up

    NU MEENEEMPRIJS SLECHTS  14999 € **FOR SALE FORD Econoline pick up TE KOOP : Just arrived direct from Sunny California . This is a very rare Ford Econoline Pick up truck .Build in 1965 . Engine is the 170 ci 6 cyl engine , with the manual transmission. These trucks are very rare .Next Best Investment after the crazy Volkswagen buses. “** ** nl_BE **Conditie**: Gebruikt **Carrosserie**: Overig **Bouwjaar**: 1965-03 **Brandstof**: Benzine **Transmissie**: Manueel **Kilometerstand**: 76.465 km **Vermogen**: 85 PK **Cilinderinhoud**: 2.800 cm³ **CO₂**: 0 gr/km **Kleur**: Zwart

    1965 76.465 km
    € 14.999,00California Import6 jun. '19Oevel