WOO Kitesurf BluetTooth device jumping sensor

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WOO is a bluetooth device for kiters, wakeboarders, freeskiers and snowboarders.
It clips to your board and allows you to record every jump or trick you make during your session.

It's a great gadget
for all riders eager to improve, stoked about riding, and wanting to
play everyday! Record every session, see your progress, and congratulate
your friends. Jump in and surprise yourself with how far you can go!

Record every jump from your kite sessions automatically with the WOO

  • The standard for WOO Worlds 2022 and beyond

  • Supports the latest features for the WOO App, Smartwatch Apps, and PRO Members.

  • Download the app for iOS or Android (WOO Sports App).

  • Watch apps available for Apple, Garmin and Google Wear

  • Works with all Big Air and Freestyle Games

Clip a WOO on your board and with one press, you’re automatically capturing stats for every jump of your kite session. Pair a smartwatch to see live stats on the water. Download to your phone to see every session on the WOO Kite App.

The New WOO App

New in 2022, the WOO Kite App now supports all styles of riding. The latest free update adds Freeride GPS recording with Garmin, Apple Watch, or phone, great for recording sessions on a foil, wing, or cruising on a
twintip. Big Air sessions with a WOO sensor are now supercharged with the watch, supporting live stats, GPS recording, and additional stats with WOO PRO. And as always, you'll see sessions coming in from around the world, have access to leaderboards, and be able to explore curated kite spot maps.

Package includes:

  • Woo 3.0 device

  • Woo board mount

  • Woo USB cable charge

  • Quickstart guide

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