Hot tub with internal/external oven

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Hot tub 2m. with external oven 2215 euros.
Hot tub 2m. with integrated oven 2520 euros.

Hot tub 2.25m. with external oven 2470 euros.
Hot tub 2.25m. with integrated oven 2770 euros.


Standard equipment:
Hot tub with external rust free steel AISI 304 oven, 2 meter pipe with hat.
Hot tub with integrated stainless steel AISI 304 oven, 2 meter chimney with hat.

Additional Equipment:

Member 150 euros.
Stairs 50 euros.
Painted exterior 50 euros.
Insulation with puu scum 160 euros.
Thermo lid 290 euros.
Led light 90 euros.
Cup holder 50 euros.
Protection for oven pipe 50 euros.
Water massage 1.1 kw system 6-8 jets 495 euros.
Air bubbles 6-8 jets system mounted at 495 euros.

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