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Zo goed als nieuwe schaatsen te koop van Bauer. Ze zijn misschien 10 keer gebruikt zoals te zien aan de binnen voering. Hier en daar lichte gebruikssporen zoals allemaal te zien op de foto's. Op te halen in Deurne Antwerpen geen lage emissiezone. Of kan eventueel verzonden worden. Nieuwprijs 269.95 euro.

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Skates Intermediate Skate for the right Size from Bauer Skate between Junior and Senior Hockey plaher. Bauer Vapor Skate were designed for the competitive hockey player looking for top-notch looks, comfort and performance at an affordable price. The new Digi Comp boot and outsole not only look incredible, they offer more than enough support and stability for the competitive level of play.

Internally, Bauer wanted to focus on making the X3.7 fit and feel game-ready right out of the box. The extra-thick memory foam padding, pro-inspired 40oz felt tongue and the new extended tongue padding did just that. The foams contour to the natural shapes of the foot even before being baked, while the soft sublimated microfiber liner keeps feet dry and secure.
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