sE Electronics VR 2 Voodoo | ribbon

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The VR1 & VR2 are your new "secret weapon" ribbons.

The VR1, a passive ribbon to bring out the bite and edge from your guitar cabs with no muddy highs.

The VR2, an active ribbon that can take violins and voices right to the foreground of your listener's stereo.

The VR ribbon microphones from sE mark a new era for ribbon mic technology.

Until the VR Series, the only ribbon mic in the world to perform across 20Hz-20kHz was our own Rupert Neve collaboration, the RNR1. This was achieved using state-of-the-art custom transformers and a Rupert Neve-designed circuit to reveal HF usually absent.

With the VR mics, full frequency response is achieved using a clever mechanical device designed by Siwei Zou, the company CEO, and a hand-tensioned ribbon constructed by our highly specialized technicians in sE's capsule room.

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