Computer (+ material) and web (blog) courses for adults

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Having worked with adults, I offer to help you with your computer and web needs and desires.

-Office suite to create official or long documents: novels, short stories, work stencils, archival documents...
-Backup of your data, intelligently sort your photos, create a secure environment for your personal information and surf the web.
-Creation of a website enriched with photos for your family or your passion.
-Create a blog to share your passion.
-The equipment: assemble a computer for your profession: liberal, video editing, photo retouching, locate and replace a defective part

My courses can be given in English or French, regardless of the platform and operating system.
My strong points are patience and I strive to make you autonomous, of course the course is adapted to your needs.

Right now, I'm doing the first hour free.

I answer e-mails as well as by private message.

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