pc gamer i5 9600K 9eme gen gtx 1070x . 16go m2 +1to

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⮚New **9th** generation system. VR Ready⮘ www.lepcgenie.com

--Be careful of systems sold with old generation components!! we only sell 8th/9th gen, --

Gamer system, 9th Generation, built on demand, with invoice, warranty and technical support tel/chat/email:

CPU: Intel i5 9600k Derniere 9eme Generation (i7 7700k, i5 8400, i5 8600k, i7 7800x, i7 7820x, i9 7900x etc disponible)

Motherboard: Gigabyte/MSI Gaming z370 socket LGA 1151 7X USB3 HDMI, DVI, VGA, AUDIO 7.1 Z390 disponible

Graphic card-MSI GTX1070 Gaming X OC 8GB RGB 3 Dport 1 HDMI 1 DVI (3 yr warranty MSI) RTX Disponible

Memory- 16Go Gskill Ripjaws 3200Mhz expandible to 64GB

Hard Disk 1- SSD 240GB M2 NVMe

Hard Disk 2- SSHD 2.5" 1TB (1000GB) Seagate Firecuda Hybrid

CPU Cooling- Pure Rock or Arctic

CASE Cooling- 4 X Fans

PSU- beCool 600W 80+ Silent

Case- !aercocool, rgb; window (H500i and others available)

OS: WIndows 10 Pro 64bits

All boxes and accessories included.

This gaming, simulation, production, editing, streaming pc, has been built carefully by extremely experienced engineers (built thousands of custom pcs and watercooling loops for professionals and gamers!! Check my shop/web), and it is completely optimized and silent.

I can deliver, test and setup but you are welcome to my lab.

Beware the unprofessional players copying my ads, Le PC Genie™ is one and only, no initiative = no skills!

Other custom configurations available !! Intel, AMD Ryzen, RTX 2080, 2080Ti, et watercooling/RGB design et configuration, Production, Editing, Audio, Simulation PC, sim, PC Gamer, PC Streamer, PC Gameur etc.... ….

GSM 0483682079 SMS OK, English Francais Italiano Espanol OK

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