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Ensoniq TS-12 vintage 76-key synthesizer

187 187 x gezien 6 6 x bewaard sinds 18 feb. '21, 19:41

Ensoniq TS-12 vintage 76-key synthesizer

187 187 x gezien 6 6 x bewaard sinds 18 feb. '21, 19:41
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Studio gebruikt
Vette synt
32 voices

The Sounds
The sound of the TS-12 is based on 254 waveforms encompassing all the possible instrument groups; acoustic, electric, digital and analog synthesis, sound effects and more. The acoustic instrument waves have been carefully crafted from ENSONIQ’s huge library of source recordings, including many sounds from our ground-breaking Signature Series. For the more imaginative possibilities the unique TransWavesTM give you the moving, dynamic sound of swept wavetables. The new Hyper-WaveTM voice architecture breaks open new sonic ground with the ability to create wave-lists that can sound like evocative, ever-changing pads to “jam- loop” drum and percussive grooves that can change pitch without ever changing tempo.
Each Program in the TS-12 is actually six independent sound sources each with their own parameters and programming. Now you can combine sampled sounds with analog synthetic sounds, and exotic digital textures at the push of a button -- no MIDI cables needed! And with 32-note polyphony you can layer sounds or sequence freely, without worrying about losing voices while you play.
Up to three sounds can be combined into a preset, which contains its own effects set-up and special performance parameters. Presets can be thought of as handy “performance memories” which allow you to create and save sound combinations, splits, layers, patch select variations, etc.
The TS-12’s 24-bit dynamic effects are incorporated as an integral component of each sound, and any effects parameter can be modulated by any of 13 modulation sources. Programs of similar types can be selected using ENSONIQ’s SoundFinder feature, and the TS-12 has Patch Select buttons, giving you expressive control over your sounds and unparalleled flexibility as a MIDI controller.
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